Red Ludwigia questions

I have some red ludwigia in a 55 gal tank. It grows perfectly well, but I've
been using it as a background plant and as it grows up towards the surface it
begins to put out a lot of roots from the stems. Some of them are very hairy
and brown and others are white colored shoots, and it detracts from the
appearance of the plant. I tried clipping a lot of them off once but they
just grew back, so I assume that there's no way of preventing this from
happening when it is left to grow tall. I could move them forward from the
back and keep them shorter, although a 55 gal tank is so narrow (12 or 13"
wide) this might be a problem (since I don't want it in the foregound). How
do other people keep ludwigia? Does anyone have any thoughts or solutions to

                                    Thanks for any suggestions,
                                                         Matt MacGregor