Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #270

Hi folks,

>(2) Say your fish load in a tank emits only 5 ppm of nitrates a day. 

How does one calculate how much mitrates the fish and their waste produce a
day? What about phosphates? Is there a certain standard e.g. feeding with
one tablespoon of flakes gives off a certain amount and 2 spoons another amount?

>I find it curious that aquatic plants, except for Water Lilies, Lotus, etc.,
>seem to grow a lot better in our tanks when the Nitrate levels are very very
>LOW.  Just the opposite of Corn!! No, I do NOT know why!  (  :-)  )

I read somewhere that it is easier to water plants to use ammonia and
nitrites and it takes a lot of "energy" for them to utilise Nitrates, with
the exception of some plants. Will some enlightened folks tell us which
plants utilise nitrates easily please? 

Calvin Chin