Amano Books

For those of you living in the South East Asia region, and would like to
order books from Amano, these are the lists and prices:

1) Nature Aquarium World, Book II, 1996, Amano, small to medium
    planted    aquaria. 180 pages, TFH-TS-284 $23.95

2) Nature Aquarium World, Book III, Amano, medium to large (5000
    gal.)     planted aquaria. 116 pages, TFH-TS-285. $17.95
3) Nature Aquarium World, Amano...Zen and the planted aquarium. This
    is    a highly visual and exceptional plant book. The
    designs are to be coveted. Each photo is a work of art. t.f.h.
    TS-206    $26.95

The surface charge to ship these books is 12.00.  Surface mail is between
two and eight weeks for delivery.

So, the total for your order is:  $80.85.

For your peace of mind, please send the credit card number and expiration 
date in two e-mail messages.  This will ensure that there can be no misuse of 
the number.  Also, don't forget to include your mailing address.


Mary Ellen Sweeney
Choice Aquatic Products - Tel: 908-219-9118
Donegal Discus Co-Op

Zon Hisham