Water temperatures

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Date: 16 Oct 96 07:53:59 +1000
Subject: Water Temperatures

On the subject of aquarium temperatures,  What temperature does everyone's tank
get to in summer?

I live in Central Queensland, Australia, where the summer daytime temperature
reaches a little over 40 degrees celcius most days (Needless to say I loose a
bit of water due to evaporation!!)

I have thought about installing a chiller to keep the water cool, but this
option is very expensive.

Before I moved out here I had a temperature gauge that read to 30 degrees C,
but I had to buy one that went up to 40 because it was always off the scale!

For those of you who live in Singapore etc, does your tank sit at 35-36 degrees
like mine?  Do you have any problem with fish / plants?

Despite reading about optimum temperatures in US / European texts, I have had
no problem with these temperatures, in fact the plants seem to grow a little
better.  I guess the key is that the tank heats up to this temperature slowly
over a few months so the fish can adapt to it.

For the record, it's a 4ft x 18" x 18" tank with small fish in it, such as
tetras, angel fish, clown loaches, bristlenose etc.

Steve Amor

email: Steven.S.Amor at shell_otc.au  

PS I too had to give up on UGH because mine was on almost all the time just to
keep the gravel above the temp of the water!