Holland River Sand

This was forwarded to me by Calvin Chin which he received from Vital

> Zon,
> this should be sent to you instead :)
> >Return-Path: <heinz at smulders_nl>
> >From: "Heinz Ramacher" <HEINZ at smulders_nl>
> >Organization:  Wholesaler Smulders BV
> >To: cfc at pacific_net.sg
> >Date:          Tue, 15 Oct 1996 08:52:46 +0100
> >Subject:       gravel from Holland
> >Priority: normal
> >
> >Dear Edwin, 
> >
> >I read your letter in which somebody mentioned that he bought gravel 
> >from Holland in a store in Malaysia. Now we are wondering from where 
> >the gravel is coming in Holland. We are interested, as we exported 
> >gravel to Malaysia a couple off month ago. So now we would like to 
> >now if it where plastic bags with a blue print of the company HS.
> >We would like to know if price is reasonable and if it was to your 
> >satisfaction. This is important for us, as we are producer off other 
> >products for aquarium and pond, which we would like to export all 
> >over the world.
> >
> >Best regards
> >Vital Verheggen
> >wholesaler Smulders (HS-Products)
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> Calvin Chin

Yes, I bought it over an aquarium shop in Pandan Indah, Kuala Lumpur,
Malaysia. The name of the store is Eighty-eight Marine. They do both
marine and freshwater (planted tank). Contact person: Catherine

The gravel was packed in a 25kg bag priced at RM50.00 (approx. US20 or
approx. 31.25 Guilders). Mixed sized ranging from 1-3mm. Mostly are dark

At first I was not convinced from the writeup on the package that it
came from Holland. As my main intention was to find a suitable gravel
for a planted tank. I brought along with me a small glass of vinegar and
did the hydrochloric test on the spot. No single bubble at all.

I will always recommend this gravel to anyone BUT not the price tag.
Spending RM200 for 4 bags of gravel is a way too steep. I suspected the
shop owner marked up the price too much...as they did to most of the
Dupla products. And that means I have to resort to a store in Singapore.

About the blue print with the letters HS on the bag, I'll really have to
check it again. I still have the bags in my backyard. However the
lettering could have been worn out - effects of sunshine and rain. If it
does, then I'll check it out for you this weekend when I pay a visit to
the store. It's quite far away from where I am now (office); which is
about 40km and about 30km from my house. I have no choice because the
store is the only one of its kind (that I know of) in Malaysia. And the
one and only that carry Dupla and Dennerle products. But they have
stopped supplying Dupla's fertiliser system. They concentrated more on
the expensive hardware: pH controller, lighting, heating etc.

I'll keep you inform. Until next Monday, happing planting.

Zon Hisham..adding ice cubes to his tank to cool it off, yesterday the
temperature was 32C :(