I will  sort of reply to both the emails about eriocalon together for 
this. In answer to the first question about actually growing it I have 
not done it yet either. However within ANGFA there are some very keen 
plant nuts and I suggest that you contact Bruce hansen about it. He has 
posted to this list before. If you live in melbourne try Neil Armstrong 
or Ron Bowman, again within ANGFA. It is an ultra high light high temp 
plant from what I have heard in the wild, ie it has been found in pools 
of around the 40 degree celcius mark in full sun in shallow pools.

>Several people that I know have and all say that it is an annual.
Absolutely true I have not heard of anybody being able to keep this plant 
more than a single season, unlike Ottelia alismoides which is supposed to 
be an annual but I know of people with four year old plants.

> Subject: Re: Eriocaulon
> Where did you read that this species is an annual? 
The latest ANGFA Fishes of Sahul volume has an article on it by Neil 
Armstrong who was among the fisrt of people to get it growing in captivity.
>The Eriocaulon that I 
> am familiar with is an evergreen (Eriocaulon septangulare).

seataceum is supposed to be the only true aquatic in the genus and it is 
from a tropical lattitude.

>The seeds are 
> fairly easy to germinate. Here in Canada they need a cold treatment and 
> then they can be sown in trays in a fertile sand substrate (containing 
> some soil).

I am still awaiting my seed and instructions so I can not really compare 
anything here.

 The plant may be difficult to culture as in nature they are 
> found in oligotrophic, acidic lakes with extremely low DIC levels ... in 
> fact they get their CO2 from the sediment through their roots ... I would 
> think that with this plant CO2 injection would be essential. They are 
> also amphibious and need fairly high light levels.

If anybody is interested in australian plants or fish a Rainbowfish 
mailing list exists. The RML archive address is below which should 
contain instructions on subscription anyway.

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