plant id

I recently made a mail order to Horizon Growers, and as has been said
before, they refuse to make special orders, but will (at least for me they
did) send a selction of certain genuses.  The plants look good, and we will
see how they do.

Is there a good plant id. book, that does both emersed and submerged forms.
The nursery indicated I probably would get some Echinodorus
Quadricostatus, but the none of the swords look like any pictures I have.
(The windelov book that I also got was not that helpful).  Also, I am
trying to determine whether I got lileaopsis or a E. tennelus, and I cant
tell the difference.  The plant is taller than the lilleaopsis in my 55,
but doesnt look like E. tennelus, but it was grown emersed.