Limnophila Replacement

     A week or so ago, there was some talk on the list about replacements 
     for Limnophila without its Genghis Khan invasive tendencies. I have a 
     plant that the supplier described as 'Red Ambulia' so I've been 
     assuming it's a variant of Limnophila until I looked at the Dennerle 
     catalogue and found a perfect picture of it under the label 'Rotala 
     walichii'. It's nothing at all like Rotala Macranda, having rosettes 
     of very fine needle-like leaves. There are no inter-nodal gaps like 
     there often are on Limnophila and the colour is a green-bronze with a 
     very attractive pink on the growing tips. It's a good oxygenator. 
     Dennerle says it needs a lot of light and it's getting it in my tank. 
     It looks quite impressive and the description 'fluffy' is quite apt. 
     So far no runners but it may not have had time to marshal its invading 
     forces yet. Anyone out there had experience with this plant?
     Jack Hardie in England where the winters are as hard as the water (and 
     almost as wet).