Book Search

Hi Folks,
  I'm trying to locate a book that is currently out of print.  I would
appreciate any help you may offer.
  The book is;
               by Phillip Swindells
               copyright 1983
               published by   Croom Helm Ltd, Provident House
                              Burrell Row
                              Beckenham BR3 1AT
                              635.93111    SB423
                              ISBN 0-7099-2357-0

                and/or published by  (1983)
                              Timber Press
                              P.O. Box 1631
                              Beaverton, Oregon
                              97075 USA
                              ISBN 0917304-52-7

  I have been unable to locate this book in my area (Colorado, USA).  I
have tried the obvious places, but probably missed some I am not aware
  Thank You,