Shrimp Survival...

Scott Corbeil asked:

>The others however are about 1.5 inches long and
>when they are not hiding, spend their time picking around in the gravel
>and plants. One of the females is clearly loaded with eggs above her
>swimmerets and I want to give those eggs the best chance for survival
>that I can. Can you recommend what to do?

About six months ago I purchased two large (2 inches), and colorful shrimp
the store called "Chinese Algae eating shrimp"; what they are exactly I am
not sure; they don't eat much algae, but like saltwater shrimp I have kept
in the past, they can smell (sense?) any sort of food in an instant and
come running out to the front during feedings.

One of them, obviously a female, about every six weeks is loaded with eggs;
her pinkish body with green stripes is often buldging, and I'm sure she
carries through with her propagation techniques, but with any sort of fish
in a tank, from Corys to Rainbows, the chances of them surviving are almost
nill. I would just consider the shrimp "cavaier" another source of food for
your system, or if you are serious about having the little shrimp succeed,
dedicate a tank to the shrimp only.

Todd March

tmarch at earthlink_net

Los Angeles, CA