Re: pictus and plants

> From: Jason Jones <kjones at connect_net>
> Date: Sun, 29 Sep 96 20:16:12 -0500
> Subject: spotted pictus and java fern

> I was hoping to get a spotted pictus cat. I was afraid it 
> would eat my java fern and water sprite. ........<snip>

If this is the same as Pim. Pictus (4 to 6 inches) then it is nearly
exclusively carnivorous and also a bit piscivorous. Your plants
will not be eaten but you may find the Pictus a bit 'lively'
and likely to cause plant damage just by its vigorous movements.

It would be wise to find out quite a bit more about this species 
before buying any and putting them in your plant tank. It would be 
better to set up a tank specifically for pictus cats because they 
have their own needs which are not compatible with plant tanks: fast 
flowing well oxygenated water, a live food diet (small fish etc.)

Hopefully someone else can add here; does the natural environment of the 
Pim. Pictus contain elements which could be recreated in a plant tank?