re: Aggression in Community Tanks

> I would like to do some reading to learn about aggression, i.e., fish
> eating fish in community tanks.  I have a well-planted 30 gallon tank
> and a similarly well planted 10 gallon community tank.  Neither is
> "crowded," but recently I lost two white clouds ...they just disappeared
> much to my surprise.

One dimension to aggressive behavior that I recently ran into is mating
behavior. Two mature male dwarf gouramis had established their nesting
territory in two corners of my 40-gallon tank, diagonally opposite. All was
well until a third male grew mature. Overnight, I lost one of the earlier
males to this upstart.

Hence, "crowded-ness" as a reason for aggression is certainly relative and
may depend on other factors, including tank size, conditions, etc.

BTW, fish hide remarkably well in my planted tanks. The bodies of your
missing fish may just be hidden somewhere, and not yet "disappeared."

Greg. Tong
San Francisco, CA, USA
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