re: Native Plants


Karen, as usual, beat me to it.  I've collected native plants and have found
some very nice plants.  Snails are common, also noticed small grub like worms in
roots.  Have not had any particular pathogen problems, but I do take care to
clean off the plants as best I can.  To be sure you could always dip the plants
in a mild bleach solution which should effectively take care of pathogens.

Currently I have only collected in Texas, but am now planning a trip to the
Florida Everglades with the Seminoles to collect down there.  (Karen, want
anything?)  Louisana swamps are also high on my list.  I've wondered through
there and seen nice plants but have never been in a position to collect

You of course need to be careful of private property and local laws.  I always
check with the Parks and Wildlife people and assure them I will not take a bunch
of plants from any one place and leave a bare space.  Having done this I have
even been allowed to collect plants from place carefully marked as protected
areas, with a Parks and Wildlife officer standing behind me talking to me.  In
other areas, San Marco Texas comes to mind, they actually mow the plants down
periodically to keep them from interferring with water flow, if you can time it
right they are delighted to help you.