Re: Algae eater problems

>From: N.Monks at nhm_ac.uk (Neale Monks)
>Subject: Re: Algae eater problems
>Plecs are more variable. Whiptails, Otocinclus and Twig catfish make almost
>o impact at all. 

Otocinclus are very good at eating brown (diatom) algae.  I had a big
problem with this last month in my 75-gallon tank.  I bought 10 Otos, and in
two days I started seeing holes in the patches of brown algae (not the
leaves themselves), and after 3 days the brown algae were all gone.

>Snails are hopeless. 

In what sense?  Ramshorns are excellent for keeping a tank free of algae.
As I have said before, I keep a cleaning tank full of ramshorns to
occasionally clean my plants.  Just wish I didn't have clown loaches in my
show tank, so I could keep them in there also.