Substrate query (fwd)

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Date: Tue, 10 Sep 1996 00:59:52 -0400 (EDT)
From: Miles Morrissey <mmorriss at sophia_smith.edu>
To: Aquatic Plants digest <Majordomo at ActWin_com>
Subject: Substrate query

Dear Folks,
		I am about to set up a fifty gallon plant tank and am 
wondering about people's responses to my substrate plan.  I was thinking 
of modifying Jim Kelly's suggestion in the Nov-Dec 95 issue of The 
Aquatic Gardener.  He mixes vermiculite with top soil covered with 
course sand.  I was thinking of using vermiculite, top soil and 500g of 
duplarit. Is this over kill? The duplarit suggests mixing it with the 
first inch of gravel, should I add some gravel to this mixture to in 
order to resist it getting too compacted?  Amano suggests using gravel of 
different diameters I'm assuming he means mixed together not in layers, 
correct?  Lastly, I'm going to use Malaysian trumpet snails but I've 
heard that this is counter indicated with soil substrates as their 
burrowing will disturb the soil causing it to disperse into the water.  
Say it ain't so?!?!  How about a nylon screen between the soil and gravel?
I know, I know, too many questions.  Any help you all could provide 
would be appreciated.

			Miles Morrissey
			Easthampton, MA    USA
			mmorriss at sophia_smith.edu