Re: Breeding SAE's

>From: LHBanchik at aol_com
>Date: Sun, 8 Sep 1996 08:45:24 -0400
>Subject: Breeding SAE's ?
>This may be slightly off topic but I figure that if anyone knows about 
>it's this group.  I got 8 SAEs several weeks ago when they were about 
.75" in
>size.  They did their job on the hair & green algae and rapidly grew 
to about
>1.75 to 2".  Now 1 of them has developed a  rounded belly (no its not
>constipated) and is staking out a territory.  It's been doing a 
"dance" with
>a few of the other fish (the two of them swimming head to tail in 
circles for
>30 to 90 secs at a time) and then they go off into the marked out 
> Are these guys trying to breed?  I haven't seen any eggs or parental
>behavior but I've found so little on the topic that I have nothing to 
go on.


IMHO your SAE's are still "babies" because I have 15 of them in a 
seventy gallon aquarium and they have attained over 4 inches without 
any sign of spawning, but they constantly do "spar" like you mentioned 

Keep watching and you may be able to report a spawning a year from now.

Good luck!