Re: Algae eater problems

> From: N.Monks at nhm_ac.uk (Neale Monks)
> Date: Sat, 7 Sep 1996 16:30:20 +0000
> Whiptails, Otocinclus and Twig catfish make almost no impact at all.

I have to disagree with this.  I assume that "Whiptails and Twig"
catfish are referring to Farlowella acus.  We have great success with
them, especially with soft alages that tend to form velvet-like
coatings.  Also, Otocinclus (in schools of 6 or 12) do a very good job
in our tanks.  Even if they are nocturnal, both otos and farlies can
be seen constantly moving among the plants during the day in our

We try to maintain an assortment of algae eaters on the premise that
different fish have evolved to eat different algae.  The sucker-mouth
fish are good at filmy algaes that they can scrape up; the Garrinae,
especially SAE, are good at algaes they can nibble on.

I have no doubt that aquarists in different geographical areas have
different algae problems.  What may seem like a useless fish to one
person may be the "silver bullet" to another.