Re: Mating SAEs?

> From: gtong at sirius_com (G.Tong)
> Subject: Mating SAEs?
> mating behavior. I've two that have been inseparable since I first got them
> early this year. They do everything together. In the last few days, I've
> seen them madly scrambling after each other and swimming furiously in
> small, tight circles. In the process, their black stripes almost disappear.

SAEs do that, and it is not always mating.  My big old Galaxy and Comet do
that too, and they both should be males.  Mating dance looks like that, at 
least according to the raports I've gotten from people who have really
seen them laying eggs (no viable fry this far, unfortunately) but some
kind of harmless fighting looks like that too.  If your fish are a male
and a female (fat-bellied), and they are big enough to be sexually mature
(let's say, at least 7 cm - 3") you can hope for seeing some eggs one day!

Liisa Sarakontu
...and the first Autumn day in Finland.  Still sunny, anyway.