Re: Microscope on tankwater

> Christine Martens <Christine_Martens at qmgates_affymax.com> wrote:
> Congratulations on encouraging your kid's interest in science...but it sounds 
> like you're leading him to become a microbiologist, not a chemist! (As a 
> microbiologist myself I heartily approve!)

Oh, yeah!  I'll tell him tonight.  He will *love* his new title.

However, we're still doing the chemistry thing also.  He took first prize
in his school science fair for carbonation experiments, and I'm letting
him use titration and other methods to determine pH, GH, etc. in my

HEY! EVERYBODY!  I've found aquariums a LOT more fun when I have a
full-time professional (my kids) do all my water tests!  ;-)  After all, 
kids have infinite time.

Thanks for your comments.