Holes on leaves

Hi all the net people,

Into my 50g tank I have these types of plants: 15 hygrophila polysperma,
4 nomaphila stricta, 10 elodea nuttalii, 2 anubia nana and some echinodorus.

Fishes are : 9 neon tetra, 6 SAE (perhaps false)

Tha tank has built in a biological filter of 10g and I use 20 cc/daily
of PMDD as formula in previous mails of net, with DIY yeast CO2 direct into 
power-head impeller. No snails at all (I checked during night and I am sure)

Water values are: GH = 13   PH = 6.5  temperature = 28 centigrades  FE = ~ .1
The actual light are 2 x 30 watts lamps x 12 hours. 1 is triton other is growlux.
End of current month will change with 4 x 18 watts...

My problem: because stem plants grows quikly, every 2-3 weeks the leaves come
emersed from water. This isn't good because firstly the tank has
only 1 inch of gap between water and covering glasses and secondly
makes too much dark on bottom.
The matter is that every 15 days I am obliged to take stem plants out of
water, cut 10 inches about on bottom (pratically 90% of roots)
than replant it in gravel. This makes the nomaphila not happy at all... and
the leaves start making holes in middle or becomes transparent.
I think that this type of plant keeps nutrients from roots thus cutting
them is a shock for the plant. Am I correct? Is there some one helping me
to solve matter. If I don't cut the plants they come emersed and leaves
near light are full of green algae. My 5 SAE (hope will be true Sae and not false) 
continously eat the green on leaves but is not sufficient and this
green is ugly to see :-(

Am I working correctly with these plants? Holes are normal? 
The other plants are quite good. On past I had transparent leaves
on Hygrofila Polisperma, but encreasing PMDD now are ok.
Same transparency of leaves I am having on Echinodorus
expecially those on direct light, but one with less light is ok.

had leaves translucid-transparent but as I supplied PMDD they
are ok. I can't understand why. Have you some idea about? I ask you
instead of net because seems me that reading these problems lot of
people on world will think me stupid :-(
As concerned money on past mails there were all expressed in American
dollars! sic !

Just now my boss confirmed me the possibility to have two weeks
holidays starting from 8 september. Probably will go to my son
(working with family in Spain on south of Valencia... to see once
all them and our little neview Sarah) but... we cross fingers !
Now we are very very prudent to plan future :-)

Thanks for your perfect translation, as you see now will be a
piece of you on all my mails.

My neview is interested but not so deep for the new tank, will see
on future, in Italy we say : if are roses they will flower...
I don't know if has sense in english ;-(


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