Re: Bluegreen algae

>I recently fought BGA in a 20 gal tank for about six months. I did many
>water changes, as you are doing. I carefully siphoned the aglae off of the
>bottom and the plants but each time it grew back. I finally got rid of it
>totally with Myracin (an antibotic yes, but Blue Green algae is a bacteria,
>not a plant!).

I second the opinion of using Myacin (erythromycin) to combat the bluegreen 
smear bacteria.  I tried cutting back the light, etc but nothing worked.  
I was was losing all my plants to this bacteria.  I was leary about the 
Myacin but gave in and tried it.  It worked fantastic!!! 

The dosage is 200mg/10 gal for 2 consecutive days.  You MUST remove the 
carbon from the filter, because carbon will inhibit the medicine's 

I did a good cleaning of the tank, removing as much of the bluegreen stuff 
as possible. I think the tablets I used came in 100 mg tablets, so I put 
2 in for 2 days.  I removed the carbon for a week to get the full 
effectivness, then monitored the nitrite & ammonia levels. 

The blue-green stuff never came back!  Prior to treatment, I would clean 
the tank and by the next morning I could see it starting to creep over 
my foreground plants, by the next day they were covered. My tank has been 
clear and my plants that had been dying are now healthy again.

Hope this helps...