Re: Problem Plant Tank

> From: John Lobingier <jlob at wpa_net>
> I have used the Chemi Pure for a long time, and neglected to read the 
> label after all these years.  Here is what I can tell you about it: It 
> removes CO2, copper, metal, ions, odors, all pollution, gases color, and 
> Phenol.  I do not know what Phenol is. It is also an ammonia and nitrate 
> scavenger.  An old Chemi Pure ad in FAMA 1988 states that it does not 
> remove trace elements and is the only filter medium that balances the 
> positive and negative charges with emphasis on the beneficial negative 
> ion.  

	That may be what the label _says_.  This is ridiculous, and
would not even be desirable if true!  Do you want to remove CO2?
There is also a contradiction, in that it removes copper, but not
trace elements!

	It says nothing at all about what is in it.
> It is suppose to keep the pH at 7.0.


> I do not understand why Chemi Pure which is 
> recommended for use in African Cichlid and saltwater tanks would take away 
> GH.      

	Recommended by whom?

> But, I have seen in the plant FAQ  (I 
> think ) that clacium and magnesium is needed by plants.  Calcium and 
> magnesium = the GH right?         

	Yes, but I suspect that if there is enough calcium to measure, there
will be enough for the plants.	I add magnesium, because I'm not sure
if there is much in my water, but I add it at the ppm level, which would
scarcely register on test kits.

> Here is what I was told:  Iodine benefits all living 
> things as it does us.  Yes plants do benefit from it too and grow better 
> and show nicer colors.  
> I would not be concerned about the copper since 
> using copper in plant tanks would be totally counter productive anyway.  
> The use of some molybdenum will further enhance the look of your plants.  
	Copper is, I understand, an essential trace element for plants.
I don't think iodine is.  Molybdenum is another essential element.

Paul Sears     Ottawa, Canada