New Tetra CO2 System?

I recently contacted Tetra Consumer Relations about a matter, and in 
response, I was advised of the following information which I wanted to 
share with the list. 

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Date:        Mon, 22 Jul 1996
From:       Tetra Consumer Relations <CONSUMER at bg1us_wl.com> 

>...our CO2 system was discontinued almost three years ago. 

In reply I asked why... 

Date:          Wed, 24 Jul 1996
From:         Tetra Consumer Relations

> I personally believe that we discontinued this item because it was
> marketed incorrectly.  It is for the higher end advanced aquarist, and
> probably not a big seller.  However, since we discontinued it, we have
> had a lot of interest in the item.  I believe we are looking to engineer
> another one, hopefully at less cost, in the future.  So maybe there will
> soon be a new improved model on the market!

> B. Link

E. Keith Johnson
School of Graduate & Research Studies
East Tennessee State University

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