> Hello,  I use mylar as a reflective service for all of my light
> fixtures.  Even commercial fixtures.  Mylar is cheap and greatly
> increases reflected light.  FYI.  Mike Bernardoni

Hi Mike,
I am thinking actually to use reflectors for my two 30W triton and apply
a DIY reflector (PVC tube 100 millimeters cutted on half) covered with mylar.
Actually I use a simple aluminum foil curved and applied on lamps (just as
trial). Matter is of high temperature that lamps achieve. The tank actually
has plexiglas covers about 20 millimeters over water, and lamps are on top.
I am planning to replace plexiglas with glass...
But what to do with heat? Over the lamps (and close to lamps) there is a
black glass cover, thus areation is zero.
Have you or some other people of digest suggestions and solutions to help me?
Thks & rgds
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