Potting Soil

John Lobingier wrote:

>I thought top soil is better than potting soil because potting soil has 
>"something" in or not in it that discourages weeds from popping up in the 
>pot???  I am just asking if this is true or not.  

My understanding of this matter (as explained to me by my Dutch wife) is that 
nothing is 'added' to potting soil to prevent weeds.  The soil is sterilized
by heat.  This can occur naturally during the composting of the soil, or it may
be done by some sort of oven (I have no idea how this is accomplished on
a commercial scale)...

BTW, I use African Violet potting soil for my plants with GREAT success, no
algae, and the fish remain alive too  ;-)

Torsten Tiedtke
in not-so-tropical Lynden, Ontario