Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #78

>Aquatic Plants Digest        Monday, 15 July 1996        Volume 02 : Number 078
>        Canister filter advice needed (and other).
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>From: Don Griffes <dgriffes at coresoft_com>
>Date: Mon, 15 Jul 1996 08:27:12 -0600
>Subject: Canister filter advice needed (and other).
>Substrate questions:
>  I did some pH testing (1 cup gravel 2 cups water) on it and it =
>did raise the pH of water out of my water conditioner .5 (from 7.5 to =
>8.0).  I'm testing again with a mixture of "soft" water with "tap" water =
>since that is how I normally fill my tanks.  Is this bad?  I'm thinking =
>of doing CO2 injection so I figure I could get the pH back to 7.0 or =

When you did PH testing on "water out of my water conditioner" did you test
the water with no gravel and after standing for 24 hrs? (or aerate for at
least 1 hour?). You may find that your PH will go to 8.0 all by itself.
Your gravel may be OK.

btw, if you are talking about a house water conditioner, it's water will be
bad for plants & some fish. It'll contain sodium.

-Bill Brady