Biting snails

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Date: Mon, 15 Jul 1996 20:45:15 GMT
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From: "Jasjit T. Ahluvalia" <JTAhluvalia at worldnet_att.net>
Subject: Snails that bite

A friend of mine has a garden and a pond in his backyard.

Every year during the summer he gets into his swim wear, and walks into the
pond to clean, plant etc.  He did the same this year.

However, after his shower he noticed that parts of his body that were
exposed in the water, had bite marks.  On investigation, he was told that
there is one species of snail (which in its egg, larva or snail stage) tends
to bite.

It has been a few weeks since the incident and the bite wounds are beginning
to heal.  However, he is anxious to find out if anything is known about
these snails and if any after affects can be expected?

Any information on the subject will be appreciated.  Thanks.