Re: snails and more snails

>From: Jimcapwet at aol_com
>Subject: snails and more snails
>the one disc I put in.   Now for my question,  Clown loachs: I was thinking
>of adding about four or five small ones to work on controlling  the
>population of snails.  I would like to hear from anyone or all who have had
>dealings with the Clown loachs, good or bad.

I had 5 Clown loaches in my 75-gal plant tank.  I have enjoyed them very
much. However, I had now and then wished I didn't have them, because I have
an occasional problem with the crusty brown algae, which I know the Ramshorn
snails can get rid of, but I can't keep any snail of any kind in this tank.
I am too attached to those Clown Loaches though.  Besides, I don't see how I
can get them out without wrecking the tank.  ;-)

But, now I have a solution--well, not perfect, but a solution.  I started a
10-gallon baby angelfish tank about 3 months ago, and I threw in 2 ramshorn
snails to clean up that tank when it was being taken over by green algae.
It's spotless now, even sitting by a South window.  But I have hundreds of
ramshorns in that tank.  I discovered a couple of weeks ago that if I throw
in cuttings covered with brown algae, they will be completely cleaned up in
a couple of days.  So I am using that 10-gallon tank as an algae scrubber
(not in the way the term is usually used ;-).  I'll throw in my cuttings a
couple of days before I take them to the stores to sell, and they will be in
fantastic condition when I sell them. ;-)  I guess I have to be careful to
dip the plants in anti-snail solutions before I sell them, in case someone
who doesn't want snails gets them from me.  I just love those Ramshorn
snails though.  Haven't hurt any of my plants yet.  I currently have a huge
clump of Java Fern (I'm talking about 100 leaves--almost filling that
10-gallon tank), in the "scrubber" right now.  ;-)