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Paul -

Three of us here in San Diego were also interested in ordering these guys.
At the beginning of June, one of us received this message from Uncle Ned:
>We ship almost anywhere via UPS next day Air. Siamese Algae eaters cost $6.50
>each...we have about 70 in stock.For a complete list of these and other fish
>call me at 508-533-5969 or 800-683-5165. You can also fax me at 508-533-5771.
>Thank you! --- Ned Bowers, Uncle Ned's Fish Factory.

We ordered 20 to be split up among us - when our order arrived, all 20 fish
had survived!! (I had ordered 10 previously from Albany and 2 were DOA and
another died a couple of days after receiving them).  The fish that I took
(11) have all survived.  They also gave us a great!! deal - they advertise
discounts on quantity orders.  We have all been _extremely_ pleased with our
dealings with Uncle Ned's and highly recommend them to everyone.  (BTW,
believe _everything_ that's been posted to this list about the algae-eating
capablities of these fish - they are fantastic!).
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