Re: Source for SAEs

>Can anyone tell me where I can get some SAE's?  The only place I know of is
>Albany Aquarium and I have not had good luck with them.  The first time I
>called them, they didn't have shipping crates, the second time I called them
>they didn't have any little ones (1 to 1 1/2 in).  They don't like to ship
>the larger ones.  Now every time I try to call them all I get is an
>answering machime telling me what their hours are. I already know that and I
>am calling during their business hours, somebody just doesn't want to answer
>the phone.

Please keep in mind that Albany Aquarium is not a company that's set up for
mail order like, e.g., That Fish Place. It's your garden-variety, small,
local fish store in a funky storefront. The owner stocks SAEs and has an
eye for aquatic plants.

When they're not answering the phone, they're probably helping customers.
There's not a big staff, just the usual mix of manager and kids.

Greg. Tong
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