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Recently I have found a page run by Amano's company in Japan the address is:

http://www.rim.or.jp/~ada/ENG/ADA_e.html.  They have some really neat pictures,
some info, and a Q/A section.  As I have seen a certain algae eating shrimp
mentioned in Nature Aquarium World, a yamato numa ebi, but no more info , I
decided to send an email to the ADA page and ask.  The answer follows.  And of
course, we cant get it here in the states

>The shrimp is called Yamato Numa Ebi (You were very close
>actually) and is one of the most popular algae-eaters in Japan.
>Yamato (Japanese) Numa (marsh) Ebi (shrimp) is of the native
>Japanese origin, whose Latin name is Caridina japonica.
>I don't believe Yamato Numa Ebi is available in the US. They are not
>expoting nor propagated. But there may be similar shrimp in your

>Best regards,

>Hideki Higuchi
>Aqua Design Amano

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