Re: Plant identification

> There are two that I couldn't identify from the books I have.  One of them 
> was sold to me as Dragon plant. The leaves are shaped and colored just like 
> Java Fern (sometimes I mistake the two), but the undersides are bright 
> purple, much like the color of red cabbage.  So far, they grow with only one 
> leaf per stem.

It could be Barclaya longifolia. Riehl and Baensch should have picture of it.

> Another plant was sold to me as Arrow Head, but it looks nothing like the 
> arrowhead in B&R Vol.1.  The leaves are shaped like Lotus lily, but not as 
> free-flowing; the stalks are more bunched up like celery, and there are 
> about 15 on that plant.  The leaves are  white in the centre, bordered with 
> light green.

Arrowhead is the common name of Sagittaria spp. The emerse leaves have 
different shape from the submerse leaves.  They range from spoon shape 
to "arrowhead" shape" (thus the common name).

> The last one I suspect is Loosestrife.  It is light green, and the first 
> leaves on top are light pink.  I might not be providing enough iron for the 
> leaves to be red like described in my book.

No idea about this.  Any detail.

Shing LAM	<shlam at hkueee_hku.hk>