Re: Teflon tape

Hi all,

The prime value of teflon tape is with liquids. *Nothing* liquid seems 
to wet it, so even horribly sloppy joints don't leak, anyway. It is 
also a fair lubricant in the threads. Nice stuff.

Unfortunately, only impeccable technique will prevent small shreds of 
it from getting into pneumatic systems and causing the most damage at 
the worst possible time. This is why it is forbidden in almost any 
industrial application involving gasses (as opposed to liquids). A 
little plumber's goop does exactly the same job, without hairy shreds 
to block needle valves, etc.


Just back from the Moapa Preserve and Ash Meadows, where we did habitat 
maintenance and helped do population surveys on Crenichthys. HOT! 
Collected some beautiful Val and pennywort, too!


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