Re: Teflon tape

> Steve Benz said:
> >First, don't use "Teflon Tape" for CO2
> >connections.  My welding supplier says the best thing to do is just
> >screw everything together real tight.  And he means "real tight" too.
Then everybody asked:
> What's wrong with using Teflon tape?

Teflon tape is what you should be using for the NPT connections. A
pipe thread is tapered and unlike other types of connections, it
does not rely upon gaskets or seals. Teflon tape is used in all kinds
of joints in welding including acetylene and compressed oxygen. It's
pretty inert so there's no concern about using it with CO2.

Now the connection between the regulator and the CO2 cylinder valve
will certainly not be a pipe thread but probably will have a cylindrical
teflon disk or gasket which acts as the seal. You will not use teflon
tape on this connection.

I plan on taking my regulator and valves to a nearby welding supply
retailer which is supplying a Y joint, a low range PSI gauge to replace
the CFH one and the other miscellaneous spigots and dodads. They're
going to assemble everything for me so I won't need any teflon tape
for myself. :-) The benefit of that is that everything should be
properly torqued and tested and if there's a problem with my used
regulator, they'll ship it over to another place for a quick repair

BTW, I located the ARO office in Toronto who stocks the NO1 needle
valves and their number is (416) 675-5611. Canadians, that's who you
should call to find a local distributor. Acklands Ltd is the distributor
in Vancouver however it looks like they might need to back-order the
part. Toronto said they had 5 in stock. It appears that this sort of
dodad is not very commonly used in industrial applications. I've had
no trouble locating everything else needed from the welding supplier.
I'm planning to use the Y joint and two needle valves to supply both
my tanks.

Steve Pushak in Vancouver raining on the mountains but sunshine here