Lighting Questions

I've tried reading the archives on lighting in the Krib, and I've gotten more 
confused than enlightened.  (no pun intended.)  Anyway, what would people 
recommend for a 10 gallon tank in which I wanted to grow mainly 

Should I try getting a 20" shop light?  Compact fluorescent?  It seems to me 
that compact fluorescents would be the way to go since they seem relatively 
cheap, and are supposedly very bright.  How many lumens do you get out of a 
9W CF bulb?

I also recall a discussion earlier about Glossostigma growing vertically and 
the questions about species.  I found this blurb in the Tropica home page 
which may interest some of you:

"Glossostigma elatinoides is a fast growing amphibious plant and the 
submerged culture soon builds a very nice looking carpet. However, this 
carpet building growth form requires quite high light intensities 
as Glossostigma elatinoides responds to low light by a much more upright stem 
and thereby the flat looking growth is lost. Glossostigma elatinoides 
prefers soft water with pH < 7. It is one of the smallest aquarium plants and
very popular in Japanese aquaria built after the Nature Aquarium concept."

Also, I have a couple of stupid questions for those electricians out there.  
I have a 40 gallon acrylic tank, which I just bought a Magnetek electronic 
ballast for.  It says that is supplies 4 F025T8 or F032T8 bulbs.  Are the 
F025T8 bulbs 3 feet in length?  Can I use a 30W T8 Vitalite with the ballast 
or do I specifically need a 25W bulb?  Triton bulbs say they require a 
starter, will they work with a rapid start ballast?  How do people ground 
their ballast and where do most of you keep the ballast (underneath the 
tank?)  Should I use waterproof endcaps or are standard ones ok?  How do 
people deal with the mass of wires and finally does anyone have a diy hood 
design that incorporates specific instructions as to how to mount the lights 
and basic wiring tips?  

Whew!  Thanks for any information.