> Anybody know anything about OTOCINCLUS FLEXIS????  One of my local 
> stores has them for $4.99.  The are a lighter color and larger than 
> common ottos.  I will e-mail Liisa Sarakontu and see what she has to 
> say.  Thanks Mike Bernardoni  

Well, *I* don't know too much about ottos, but let's see what my
dear books say.  First, from Pertti Rassi's catfish book (available
only in Finnish):

O. flexilis, the "sandy otto".  From Brazil, Argentina.  Max. 5 cm (2").
The colour pattern is spotted, little like Corydoras paleatus.  They
school together in nature.  Perhaps ottos like to suck the corys?
This species hasn't been available in Finland yet.  Probably just like
other otto species.

from Baensch, vol.2:
Common name: Imitator sucker catfish.  synonyms: O.fimbriatus, O.arnoldi.
Gentle, peaceful.  Loner.  Prefers well-planted, shaded tanks.  
pH 6.5-7.8, dGH 2-25, temp 20-25 C (68-77F), max length 6cm (2 1/3 ")
Breeding rather easy, up to 50 eggs.  

Liisa Sarakontu
from Finland, where we really got some new snow during last 2 days.