Re: Oto behavior

>From: gtong at sirius_com (G.Tong)
>Date: Wed, 24 Apr 1996 16:54:44 -0700
>Subject: Oto behavior
>I got a batch of six little guys and promptly lost 3 of them. Thank
>goodness I'd read that they tend to die off. I just wasn't expecting so
>many to croak within a few days. <snip>

That's odd. I've heard the opposite; that they are hardy little guys. I
bought four and they've all done very well -- eat all the time and are
*very* fat. BTW do they lay eggs commonly? Are the really fat ones maybe
females full of eggs?
>My question is about this odd habit they seem to have of looking dead in
>the gravel--fins splayed out and lying slightly on their sides. I thought
>twice that they were dead only to come back an hour later to find the guys
>swimming around. Is this what they do?

This doesn't sound good to me. Mine have never done this. But maybe yours
are a different variety to mine. Mine original four are o. affinis.  The
greyer one I bought recently is less active and sits quietly on the gravel.
I have wondered at times if it's feeling alright being more used to the
activity of the affinis variety.
>Greg. Tong
>San Francisco, CA, USA
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