Flourish experiences


You asked recently:

>Could anyone out there relate their experiences using FLOURISH plant
>supplement??  Thanks Mike Bernardoni

Well, I don't even pretend to be an expert so take my experience with a
grain of salt.  I have a very, very, low tech tank.  It's only 10 gal. and
has a measly 30 watts of light over it.  It has a med. size gravel
substrate with about 3 broken up laterite balls in it, 9 small fish, a  pH
~7.4, and moderate hardness (which I try to keep low with RO water). I have
a variety of plants.  Mostly amazon swords, crypts, two or three stems of
bacopa, and something that looks like a spindley bacopa that I haven't
identified yet.  At first I tried Flourish by just adding 6 drops to the
water two times a week and there was absolutely no effect on my plants.
They just stayed listless and didn't grow at all.  Then I started adding
about 5 drops directly into the gravel with an eyedropper.  One drop per
group of plants.  I did this about once every week and a half.  Within a
couple of days of the first dose I noticed my sword plants putting out new
leaves and greening up.  The the psuedo bacopa began growing, the real
bacopa stopped dying, and the crypts put out new runners.

Overall, I try to keep my plants growing at a rather slow pace because I
dislike pruning.  Hence I have no injected CO2 and fertilize sparingly.
The only drawback I've noticed is that the day after fertilizing a clear
film forms on the water and sticks around for almost the rest of the week.
The fish and plants don't mind but its a might unattractive.  In general, I
think Flourish is a good supplemental fertilizer but then I haven't tried
many others.

Side note:  I noticed the effects of Flourish before I got my hands on the
laterite.  I added the laterite about a month after I began dosing Flourish
into the substrate and didn't notice any big change after the addition.