I know this isn't a plant question but as they are great algae eaters for
planted tanks I thought I was likely to get someone who can help if I ask
it here. I recently bought 2 fish that are supposed to be Ottos. However,
one seems to be more gray and to have a slimmer profile with more speckled
fins. It also seems to spend most of it's time on the bottom. It's about an
inch and a quarter long. The other fish I bought with it is only about 3/4
inch and looks more like an Otto's usual colouring and spends it's time
like an Otto on the plants and glass. Does anyone have any idea what the
"non-otto" is? Do Ottos come in colour variations? It seems to be eating
something off the gravel but is very inactive compared to a usual Otto.

in Vancouver with heavy rain and wind. Hey it can't be nice here *all* the time.