New Tank- Red Clay

Just got my new 75 gal. tank filled and should be planting in 3 weeks
I thought I would share some money saving info with you all.
For heat cables I used Sandpoint 250 watters with an industrial
12 amp transformer I wired myself. Total cost with digital thermostat
$280.00 (I think I did well ).
Also I used red art clay in my substrate ( powdered but not fired, looks just like
laterite). If anyone is interested E-mail me and I could send out 5lbs for around
$12.00 in the continental US only. I would do this as long as I wasnt hounded
by thousands of requests. I can also get LARGE quantities if need be.
Im not making any money off of this because I would ship in plastic containers
, well maybe a little :-)

p.s. George, I hope you will be posting pictures of your new tanks soon
and as soon as I get mine up and running i'll start a homepage for mine.
Good day everyone and sorry for the long post.