Rotala Stems Rotting

> Conditions:  110 gallon with:
> 	Temp=78-81 dF; pH=6.7; dGH=4; dKH=2; 2.2 watts/gal; NH3-nil; 
> 	NO2-nil; NO3<5ppm; PO4<0.1ppm; and CO2=10-13 ppm.  		
> 	Fertilizing with my version of PMDD's.  Gravel is 1-3 mm 
> 	sand 	with laterite added to the lower 1/3.
Doug: your conditions are quite similar to mine, and I had no luck 
with rotala macranda until I increased my light to 3 watts per gallon 
(90 watt full spectrum over a 30 gallon tank).

Hope this helps,


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