Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #1

>From: Mick Nally <mick at roch-inst_co.uk>
>Date: Mon, 8 Apr 1996 15:28:21 +0100 (BST)

>1. Amazon Swords. These plants were surviving but growing weekly for about 2
>years until about 6 months ago when they started accelerating. The leaves are
>about normal size (?) approx 5 by 3 inches but the stems have started growing
>very long > 20 inches. So now all the leaves are out of the water and the
>stalks push the condensation cover and light fittings off the top of the tank.
>From the normal viewing position of the tank all that can be seen is the thick
>green stalks.
>2. Anubias Congensis. I planted 4 one inch long rhyzome pieces of this plant
>12 months ago; 3 in well lit areas and 1 under the above-mentioned monster
>swords. The first 3 are thriving and have grown well but the one under the
>swords is miserable. I decided to move it and when I dug it up I was amazed by
>its roots. The rhyzome is still about 1 inch, it has 3 tiny leaves only, the
>biggest of which is 2 inches but the roots were 14 inches long! I've never
>seen such disproportionately long roots, and I,m sure the plant's trying to
>tell me something.
It sounds like you have good growing conditions for your plants and the
swords are a variety that is just too big for your tank.  They may also be
a variety that likes to grow emersed.  There are so many varieties of
swords that I am sure you can find some that will fit your tank better.
Those big swords are telling you to get a 125 gallon tank! Maybe they could
provide the excuse you were looking for!  :-)

No doubt your Anubias plant that was under the swords needed more light.
That is an impressive length of root, but you will probably find, if you
were to dig up any of the three plants that have been getting better light,
that they had as long or even longer roots.  Possibly your poorly lit
rhizome grew those long roots when it was better lit (before the swords got
so big) and when it had more leaves.

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