Plants and fish in harmony?

Hello everyone,
	I have a 55G FW tank with roughly 30" of fish total.  I've begun to
grow some plants (unknown type--long story), and they seem to be doing
fairly well.  I would like to let these plants grow uninhibited, and I
may even propogate them via cuttings.  I'm hoping to get a rather
dense forest eventually.  Given the amount of fish-inches that I have,
is there any reason that I should hold back on the plants?  It seems 
that some people put a few fish in their tanks almost as an 
afterthought.  Is there a reason why a densely planted tank should 
have a low fish count?
	I assumed that plants and fish would simply complement one another, 
but perhaps I am missing something?!
	Anyway, if it matters in this instance, I _do_ vacuum/water-change my
tank religiously.  It's actually somewhat fun...  My red-finned shark
has taken to "cleaning" my thumb and fingers when I am siphoning!
Also, my angels seem to think that my moles are bits of food.

Thanks for any help,
wern0047 at gold_tc.umn.edu