Re: RO water use

In a message dated 96-04-05, Karen A Randall wrote:

>IMO, the only buffering system that makes sense in the planted 
>aquarium is the carbonate buffering system.  In my experience all 
>the other pH adjusters are bad news.  At best, they make you feel 
>good because you have the pH where you want it and aren't really 
>doing anything positive for the plants, at worst, they casue 
>problems.  Using RO water, a reliable reconstitution product and 
>even a yeast based CO2 system, you should be able to put the pH 
>anywhere you want it.

Please elaborate on this. I too, use RO water in my planted aqauarium,
however I haven't had any problems with PH swings. What do you recommend for
carbonate buffering? I have angels and tetras that prefer a low PH.

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