Bolbitis heudelotti

Subject: Bolbitis Question

> I just bought 2 'portions' (approx. 3" rhizomes w/ a half dozen 
> each) of Bolbitis heulodoti (sp?) at a local store and would app
> advice on special needs it may have. The little I've found indic
> it likes moving water and being on rather than in a substrate. I
> rubberbanded each piece to a small rock and placed them where th
> gentle flow past them. The guy at the store indicated that their
> requirements are moderate - on a par w/ cousin java fern. True? 
> wisdom you'd like to share.  jp

In my experience, Bolbitis heudelotti is _slightly_ more demanding 
than Java Fern, but not much.  I have had better luck getting it 
to attach to driftwood than rock, and it doesn't start to grow 
really well until it anchors itself.  OTOH, many people wouldn't 
_want_ it to grow really well... It gets very large under good 
conditions. (CO2 and high light)  It jams against the cover of my 
70G tank, and the rhizome is as thick as a pencil.

Without supplemental CO2, and with lower light levels, it's almost 
prettier.  It remains lacier looking, and the petioles are not as 

Still, grown either way it is a very attractive plant.

BTW, you can keep it's size somewhat under control by removing the 
older heavier parts of the rhizome... those are the sections most 
likely to throw enormous leaves.


Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA