Eleocharis sp.

Karen Randall wrotes:

>> They also had "Hair Grass."  Could someone fill me in on the lat
>> this?  I want some sort of foreground plant--should I get this o
>> looking for pigmy chain sword or micro sword?
>Most of the plants commonly known as "hair grass" are Eleocharis
>sp.  There are a range of sizes depending on the species.  I'm not
>sure any are quite as short as E. tenellus or Lillaeopsis though.
>The species of Eleocharis I have currently reaches almost to the
>surface of my 70G tank.

I have a "hair grass" that spread slightly slower than my Lilaeopsis and about 
an inch tall. I thought it is Eleocharis sp. I guess it need more light and 
nutrient to grow taller and more bushy because my Lilaeopsis is even shorter. 
Recently it got better than Lilaeopsis and spread futher out.