SAEs in Philadelphia

Well, count me as another former lurker.  Thanks one and all for much 
entertaining reading over the last month or so.  My plants are going 
gangbusters and the tank has never looked better.

I was aware of the benefits of having a couple of SAEs around even 
before I subscribed to this list, and even though they don't seem as 
scarce as they once were (maybe it's a seasonal thing?) it's still a 
rarity to see a tank full of them in a fish store.  But for those of 
you in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area, that's exactly what I saw 
today at The Aquarium Center in Clementon, NJ.  40-50 jeuvinile 
(1 1/4") SAEs.  They were labeled as "flying fox fish", but appear to 
be the real deal.  I bought two more and they're happily munching 
algae in my 55G as I write.

The Aquarium Center is a great store BTW, and well worth the trip if 
you're in the area.

Thanks again to everyone for all your help and expertise.

Dexter Gresh
dgresh at netaxs_com