Re: Fertilizer comparison

On Thursday, 21 March 1996, Stephen Pushak wrote:

> Very good comparison Kevin. I wish somebody could do a quantitative
> analysis of Flourish as well. I believe it lists all (or most) of 
> those ingredients but without concentrations.

Write a nice letter to the manufacturer asking for the concentrations.
I don't know what these guys are worried about; only a small hard-core
group of enthusiasts are going to mix their own fertilizers, and half of
them would prefer to buy it off-the-shelf if they knew exactly what was
in it and the price was reasonable.

> One point to note
> is that Cu can accumulate in the tank and is probably not needed
> or desired as much in aquatic vs. terrestrial application. That could
> account for the difference in relative concentration of Cu in the
> aquatic mixes vs. the other one.

This brings up a point I've been neglecting to mention.  When using
trace element mixes, always do regular water changes to prevent unused
elements from accumulating.  
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