In light of the recent re-post of PMDD's I have been wondering if the people
that use these actually still use Slow rlease fertilisers that are added
weekly or with every water change? Can I get by by purely using Duplarit (or
whatever they call the gold dust) and PMDD's??? 

What about the recent post on the analysis of fertilisers, has this been
done scientifically or is it just speculation. George, if Dupla Drops are
purely Iron why on earth are they so expensive? Is Dupla saying that plants
only require Mg, Mn and Fe. Shorly their fertiliser regieme consists of more
chemicals than these.

I have been using an Australian made Aquarium fertiliser for some time now
that seems to provide enough of everything but iron. I dont use daily drops.
Im going to make some PMDD's but wonder if I should continue using the
current fertiliser. I will have to look at the ingredients. Only tests will
tell what to do I suppose.

Surely no one fertiliser is superior to the other. On any given day plants
will grow at a different rate and therefore require a differnet amount of
elements than the previous day. With that said fertilisers should be aimed
at providing an average amount of each element required for excellent daily
growth. Therefore, wouldnt PMDD's be the best fertiliser on the market
(provided that the average of chemicals is taken from a large test???) Any
comments? Im not a chemist (far from it, I have problems just identifying
what all the letters mean), am I missing a vital point, ie some chemicals
reacting into an undesirable state?