Surgical Instruments

If you're interested in purchasing inexpensive surgical instruments to 
follow Amano's teachings get a catalog from "Doctor's Foster and Smith" a 
company owned and operated by practicing veterinarians.  800-562-7169.  They 
have a few basic surgical instruments and medical scissors.  The mosquito 
hemostat is 5 inches and is wonderful to reach into those tight places. 
 They are tweezers with gripping ridges and lockable scissor handles.  The 
scalpel is also 5 inches (I bought the larger scalpel blades) and has a 
ridged grip area to ensure you don't cut yourself while cutting those tough 
stems.  I'm not as happy with the olsen-hegar needle holder which is a 
combination tweezer with gripping ridges and normal cutting scissors.  These 
are not as delicate as the hemostat and the cutting part of the scissors is 
tight and difficult to control.  The surgical scissors I will also return 
because the end is very rounded.  It would be difficult to reach into a 
thick patch and selectively cut certain stalks.  Amano's scissors are 
pointed for this purpose.  For scissors, I will use the small sewing 
scissors that are VERY sharp and fit easily in my hand.  Check you local 
Wal-Mart or sewing store and ask for the really small Fiskar sewing 
scissors.  You can also purchase a sharpener that fits perfectly and works 
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